Buying koi is very special: shipping & selling koi is our main business.

Nikki-koi is based in Ojiya-shi,(郵便番号)in the heart of the homeland of nishikigoi here in Niigata.(新潟県)

For already many years, our dedicated team serves the koi trade worldwide, we have here in Niigata guided around many dealers from all over the world in their purchase of highest quality koi.

We offer carefully selected koi by our team, in the season daily updated stock availability trough this website is giving you an unique opportunity to buy direct from all kind of breeders here in the area.

We are here at the spot 365 days a year and work closely together with all breeders/ members of the Shinkokai.

Forwarding,(air transportation to almost any destination worldwide) including transport services to designated airports here in Japan.

Weekly consolidated shipments to many destinations ensure that you can buy just in time upon your stock needs.

Our network of partners at main destinations ensures best possible and fastest handling of your shipment at arrival.

Fully guided tours in the area with bi-lingual experienced staff and fully customized upon your wishes and needs.

If you prefer to travel your own way we can offer you all and full services concerning bookings of your flight, hotels, rental cars(Bi-lingual drivers available.), preparing legal documents for your shipment. Handling your shipment.

As we are only working with breeders implying the guideline of the Shinkokai(全日本錦鯉振興会新潟地区)

you can trust to buy and get best of koi possible.

Get in touch with the nikki-koi team for any of your questions.


============================ Hello, for now no new stock published on the website. Selected boxes are offered through Whatsapp only on request. ============================ Hallo, im Moment werden keine neuen Angebote auf der Website veröffentlicht. Ausgewählte Boxen werden nur auf Anfrage über Whatsapp angeboten ============================ Hallo, voorlopig wordt er geen nieuwe voorraad gepubliceerd op de website. Geselecteerde boxen worden alleen op aanvraag via Whatsapp aangeboden. ============================ ニッキ鯉

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